Are you fed up reading adverts about Car Sales and service receptionist jobs? If you are trawling through ‘general recruitment sites’ looking for that special job to make the perfect career out of, then you definitley have come to the right place.

The general market place cannot really value the specific skill set that you have acquired from years of experience within the ‘Automotive Equipment Sector’ whether you are involved in / as a:
Product demonstrator, Equipment trainer, Technical Support, field calibration & repair engineer, Lifting and mechanical engineer, UKAS /SIRA Accredited emissions engineer, Diagnostic Sales, Workshop design draftsmen, or any one of the many other specialist individuals in the equipment sector. Here at Drive Automotive, We value your experience as well as you skill set. We fully understand that it isn’t always about the qualifications and accreditation’s achieved but is also about the knowledge you have of your trade and have vast experience in placing people just like yourself within established, well equipped and progressive organisations. So, Why not upload your CV today and potentially be amazed at what opportunities may come your way.